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History & Board Members


89,318 acres, or over 28% of Montgomery County is forested. Forest land open to the public in Montgomery County includes Seneca Creek and Patuxent State Park; Damascus, Little Bennett, Rock Creek and Black Hill Regional Parks of the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC); and over 25 stream valley parks also administered by the MNCPPC. There are 25 certified Tree Farms in Montgomery County covering 1,500 acres. Another 1,000 acres are managed under the Department of Natural Resource Forest Conservation and Management Program. Ten members of the Maryland Association of Christmas Tree Growers are located in Montgomery County, earning income from their land and providing holiday enjoyment for hundreds of families.


Each year an average of 12 property owners totaling 315 acres have forest management plans written for their forest lands in Montgomery County. We all benefit through better management of the resources, and the property owners receive the benefits of reduced property taxes. Average annual reforestation in the County exceeds 220 acres. Primary Forest Productions Industries in Montgomery County produce hardwood and softwood lumber, pulpwood, paper products, veneer logs, mulch and firewood. Employment in Secondary Wood Products Industries for Montgomery County exceeds 656 and includes manufactures of cabinets, pallets, boats, picture frames, toys, birdhouse and packaging crates. In an average year private forest landowners conduct forestry operations on over 30 acres, producing over 1,000,000 board feet of lumber to local mills. An annual earnings of the primary and secondary forest products industries in Montgomery County exceeds $10,000,000.




Jim Harris - Chairman                   Arborist/Urban Forester 

Joli McCathran - Treasurer           County Resident Member

Chris Barger - Secretary               Ex Officio Member, DNR

Carole Bergmann  -  County Resident Member 

Lee Derby - Montgomery County Public Schools

Vince Fillah - County Resident Member

Eddie Franceschi  -  Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Joe Howard  -  County Resident Member 

Marty Kelly  -  Kelly Landscaping 

Norman King III  -  Discount Tree Service, Inc. 

Dan Landry  -  Pepco, an Exelon Company

Brett Linkletter - Montgomery County DOT

Laura Miller  -  Montgomery County Dept. of Environmental Protection

Paula Perez - City of Rockville

Dominic Quattrocchi  -  Private Citizen/County Resident

Natasha Shangold - City of Rockville

Dave Honchalk  -  Emeritus Member 

Linda Pepe - Emeritus Member, County Resident

Pete Stadler  -  Emeritus Member, Stadler Nursery

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